Home Care Services in Norfolk

Home care professionals at Cavero Cares firmly believe that physical, mental and emotional needs are all part of the client care package—taking routine vital signs and taking a walk in the sunshine are both integral to maintaining a high quality of life. Here is the range of home care services that we offer to clients across Norfolk & surrounding areas.

***We are currently not accepting Medicaid/Medicare or long term care insurance at this time***

In-Home Care Services Offered By Cavero Cares


At Cavero Cares, we provide personalized elderly care and in-home care services to the residents of Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Suffolk, Chesapeake, and Yorktown. Contact us to book your complimentary consultation to assess your needs and how we can help!


Personal Care Assistance-

Our skilled in-home caregivers can help you with all of your grooming, hygiene, and toileting needs. Whether you need full assistance or just a little help with some of the things that are difficult due to physical limitations, our caring staff will make you feel comfortable.



Sometimes, we all just need someone to be there for us. At Cavero Cares, our caring companions offer you someone to talk with and a loyal companion throughout your day.


Live-in Home Care-

We understand that many people prefer to retain their independence and live at home, rather than moving to an assisted living facility. Our live-in caregivers offer you round the clock assistance.


Fall Prevention-

Not only do our caring in-home caregivers prevent falls by anticipating and assisting with your needs, but also in making your home safer for independent movement. Our caretakers can help you with your assistive mobility devices and by reducing obstacles in your home.


Medication Administration-

Our home health nurses can help you with all of your medication needs. Whether it is a simple reminder to take your pills or actually administering them for you. Whether you need them crushed and mixed or you have injectable medications, our staff can help.


Wound Care-

Our expert home health professionals can attend to all of your wound care needs from the comfort of your own home.


Laundry & Housekeeping-

Our in-home caregivers help you maintain your home with laundry and housekeeping services. Keep your home comfortable and inviting with these services.


Vital Signs Monitoring-

Our in-home caregivers can help you take and track your vital signs, including daily weights, blood pressure, and pulse.


Blood Sugar Monitoring-

For our diabetic clients, our home healthcare staff will help monitor your blood sugar and balance levels to keep you feeling your best.


Nail Care & Grooming-

To keep you looking and feeling your best, our in-home caregivers offer nail care and grooming services. Whether you need a fresh coat of polish or your hair curled, our top-notch personal assistants can help.


Meal Preparation-

At Cavero Cares, we staff some of the best cooks in Norfolk! Our in-home caregivers provide meal preparation services for individual meals and preparation in advance.



We know that exercise can help reduce pain and help you live a longer, healthier life. Our talented staff also knows how to help you exercise within your physical limitations — the next best thing to a personal trainer!


Trips Companion-

If you are concerned about your ability to navigate your trip or vacation, bring a Cavero Cares companion along with you! We can help maintain your belongings, help you get ready and safely navigate your trip, and help with transportation needs.


Doctor’s Appointments-

We offer transportation and companionship during medical appointments. We can help you remember questions you wanted to ask or simply wait in the waiting room and take you home.